Staying well

Over the past two weeks, you've learned some powerful tools to help break the Vicious Cycle by changing what you do and how you think.

Keep using the skills you've learned in Take10 as you continue your recovery from depression. You can come back at any time to revisit a lesson if you need.

Let's look at the key skills you've learned with Take10

The Vicious Cycle

The only way to get better from depression is to break the Vicious Cycle by changing what you do and how you think.

Magic Plans

When you do 'normal' things, you break the Vicious Cycle. You can achieve anything by splitting it up into tiny steps.

FAT Scheduling

To get better from depression, you need fun, achievement & togetherness most days.

Fixing Things

Things in life go wrong, and your recovery from depression is no different. When things go badly, brainstorm ideas to solve the problem and get back on track.

Unhelpful Thinking

If you have intrusive thoughts, you can't push them away

Challenging Your Thoughts

Most unhelpful thoughts are opinions, not facts. Recognising that they are just opinions makes it easier to break the vicious cycle.

Stop Doing Unhelpful Things

Lots of unhelpful things are addictions. It's essential that you stop doing unhelpful things, but remember that you will have setbacks because they are so hard to stop doing.

One More Thing...

At the start of this course you completed a short survey to assess the severity of your depression.

We'd be really grateful if you completed one more short survey to help with our research into the effectiveness of Take10.

Once you've completed the survey, hit the blue button to get your Take10 Completion Certificate, which you can use as evidence of your participation in the course.