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Recap: breaking the Vicious Cycle.

Yesterday, you made a Magic Plan to break the Vicious Cycle. Today we will look at FAT Scheduling to speed up your recovery from depression.

FAT is Good for You

FAT stands for Fun, Achievement and Togetherness. It's important to do these things most days to get better from depression.

Watch the video to find out more:

Write down everything you did yesterday. Mark each activity to show whether it involved any fun, achievement or togetherness.
Now watch the video:

It's time to make your first FAT Schedule! You can download a blank template from the Worksheets area. Don't forget to include these things in your FAT Schedule:

  • Fun, Achievement & Togetherness.
  • Boring stuff - like paying bills, going shopping, doing errands.
  • Your Magic Plan - set aside space in your FAT Schedule to do each step of your Magic Plan.

Today's Summary

Remember these three things

  1. USE FAT SCHEDULES WITH YOUR MAGIC PLAN - Use your FAT Schedule to plan when you're going to do each step of your Magic Plan.
  2. PLAN ONE DAY AHEAD - Only make a FAT Schedule the day before you're going to do it. 
  3. BREAK THE VICIOUS CYCLE - You break the Vicious Cycle every time you do a FAT activity.

Lesson Complete!
Here's your homework:

Put your FAT Schedule into action tomorrow!