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Recap: changing what you do.

Over the past week you've been breaking the Vicious Cycle by using FAT Schedules and your Magic Plan. Today we're going to look in more detail at the way you think.

Unhelpful Thinking Makes You Feel Bad

Watch the video to learn more:

Next time you think in an unhelpful way, take a step back and remember that there's always more than one way of thinking about a situation.

Are You Thinking Unhelpful Thoughts?

Take a look at our list of unhelpful ways of thinking. Can you identify with any of them?

Mind Reading

Thinking that people think badly of you.


Jumping to the worst conclusion.

All or Nothing Thinking

Thinking things have gone badly if they aren't 100% perfect.

Fortune Telling

'Knowing' that things are going to go wrong.

Mental Filter

Looking at only the negative parts of a situation and ignoring the positives.

Self Blame

Thinking everything is your responsibility.

Beating Yourself Up

Constantly criticising yourself.

Impossible Goals

Thinking that nothing is ever good enough.

Intrusive Thoughts

Thinking about weird stuff and trying to push it out of your head.

When you get an unhelpful thought, say to yourself "I'm having another unhelpful thought", and try to think about a more balanced way of thinking.


The more you try to get rid of intrusive or unwanted thoughts, the stronger they become.

When you put effort into getting rid of a thought, your brain starts paying more attention to it.

Say to yourself "I'm having another unhelpful thought" and keep yourself busy with something- it might take a while but the thought will go.


  1. FOCUS - Recognise that you're worrying about something.
  2. ANALYSE IT - Can you do anything about it? If you can, make a Magic Plan to deal with it. If you can't, then don't waste your time worrying.
  3. COMPARE - Think of someone you respect. What would they say about it? What advice would they give you?
  4. END IT - The less attention you give the worry, the quicker it will go. Don't fight it and don't try to push it away. 

Today's Summary

Remember these three things

  1. DON'T TRY TO PUSH THOUGHTS AWAY - The more you push, the stronger they become. Just recognise what's happening and wait for the thought to pass.
  2. THINK POSITIVELY - There's always more than one explanation for a situation. Try to think about things in a more balanced way.
  3. DEALING WITH WORRIES - If you can do something about the worry, then make a Magic Plan. If you can't, then there's nothing you can do apart from waiting for the worry to pass.

Lesson Complete!
Here's your homework:

Practice dealing with intrusive thoughts, worries and negative ways of thinking, and don't forget to keep making FAT Schedules every day, and continue to use your Magic Plan to change the things that you do!